2207. Oracle Relational Database as a Mass Properties Control Tool


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J E Roth: 2207. Oracle Relational Database as a Mass Properties Control Tool. 1994.



Weight control is key to any successful aircraft program. Reporting the weight during the development and detail design phases of programs is difficult due to the normal fluctuations in weight associated with design changes. What makes this process even more challenging is the Total Quality Management, Integrated Product Team (IPT) environment and multiple company teaming that is currently emerging in the defense industry. Current design changes and new design concepts, ”possible” weight saving ideas, must be accurately tracked and regularly reported on to upper levels of management, and to the customer, by each individual IPT. The ORACLE mass properties relational database provides an excellent management tool for tracking possible weight changes at the many different IPT levels. This style of information management can also be used as a weight control tool by not only showcasing the big weight savers but by also placing visibility on those items (IPT’s) which are potential weight increases. Data base flexibility also provides the capability to handle those unforeseen information dumps that must be tracked separately from the ”possible weight changes” but must still be identified and tracked by each IPT. Weight control requires knowledge of the current weight status, insight into whether the weight is tending to grow or reduce, and management of trade studies that can be brought to bear to revise an unfavorable weight trend.


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