2348. A Weight Status Report for All Audiences


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D K Jones: 2348. A Weight Status Report for All Audiences. 1997.



This paper will present the content and format of a monthly weight status report that was generated to accomplish three goals: 1) provide a comprehensive monthly weight status of the aircraft for senior management, 2) provide the data in a format such that any audience can easily understand, and 3) create a report that is easy to generate and distribute. Before the report content and format were finalized several meetings occurred with different levels of management to determine what data was important and how the data would be presented to satisfy the needs of the report. The result of the meetings generated a report whose format is predominantly graphical and bullet type narrative. This paper will also discuss items of importance that were considered in determining what the content of the report would be, how it would be presented, how it would be generated, and how it would be distributed. After publishing fourteen such status reports, it is felt that the status report presented here has been optimized for accomplishing the three goals listed above. That is, senior management receives a status report that satisfies their needs, is easy to understand, and easy for the weights group to generate and distribute.


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