2373. The K-Max Helicopter a Unique Lifting Efficiency


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G W Haliscak: 2373. The K-Max Helicopter a Unique Lifting Efficiency. 1997.



The Kaman K-l200 ”K-MAX” Helicopter (Figure 1) was certified in August of 1994. It is the only FAA certified aircraft designed, built, tested, and operated for the continuous repetitive external load mission. It is a single-seat, single engine and transmission, composite dual-rotor aircraft. The aircraft design is optimized around the pilot and the external load attaching point (the hook). The cockpit and airframe are configured for maximum use of vertical reference flying (directly viewing the load from the cockpit) and minimizing pilot workload. The hook” supporting structure” and dynamic components have been tested to withstand daily” continuous” repetitive maximum load lifting throughout the life of the airframe. Operations performed to date include: logging, firefighting, seismic exploration, construction, agricultural, re-supply via external load, and emergency rescue. The heaviest usage is logging followed by construction and firefighting. Aircraft have been operating in the U.S., Canada, Japan, Switzerland, Germany, Liechtenstein, and Bolivia in commercial applications, and at sea for the U.S. Navy. The K-MAX Helicopter is demonstrating a unique lifting efficiency in the commercial and military utility helicopter markets.


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