2419. FAR 25.571 Impact on Weight Control


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B L Anderson: 2419. FAR 25.571 Impact on Weight Control. 1998.



FAR 25.571 and advisory guidelines require that damage tolerance evaluations be made for all commercial aircraft designs. Simply put, damage tolerance refers to the ability of a structure to prevent preexisting or developing cracks from causing structural failure, which threaten the integrity of the aircraft. Traditionally this has been accomplished through the use of redundant or fail-safe designs where the inspection interval is set to provide at least two opportunities for inspection in the time it would take for a visually detectable crack to grow large enough to cause failure. As the industry and the regulatory agencies gained understanding of how aircraft structure behaves in the commercial environment, changes have been made to FAR 25.571 to reflect operators’ in-service experience. These changes, (specifically those, associated with amendment level 45 of FAR 25.571), have presented new challenges to the weight control community. This paper covers the impact of damage tolerance on weight control and provides some basis from which Weight Control Engineers can estimate or even offset the impact of these increasing structural requirements.


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