2425. Magnesium Exposition and Symposium to Champion Automotive Applications


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J Balzer: 2425. Magnesium Exposition and Symposium to Champion Automotive Applications. 1998.



This paper examines the organization of Ford Motor Company’s MagExpo97. MagExpo97 was held November 19 and 20, 1997, at the Ford Technology Review Center and was the largest display of magnesium parts in the world to date. The goals of MagExpo97 were to: ? Educate the Ford engineering community and Tier 1 suppliers on current uses of magnesium in the Automotive Industry. ? Determine why most of the current magnesium applications are not considered ”core” applications for Ford. ? Communicate to the Tier 1 suppliers Ford’s effort in weight reduction, specifically with the use of magnesium. To achieve these goals, the Expo was organized into four different activities: ? Exhibits ? Roundtable Brainstorming Sessions ? Executive Reception ? Presentations This paper discusses each activity in detail including the organization efforts, perceived benefits, and improvement opportunities. Each activity was important as it provided a variety of forums for the various types of MagExpo97 attendees (Ford design engineers, suppliers, executives) to expand their knowledge in magnesium automotive components. The final ideas discussed in this paper are Lessons Learned. Following the Expo, the Project Management team held wrap-up meetings to reflect on MagExpo97. These lessons learned can be incorporated in future Expos at Ford Motor Company and, though structured for the automotive/magnesium arena, the principles discussed can easily be applied to other industries and materials that will assist in the weight reduction efforts.


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