3167. The CarterCopter Heliplane Transport (CCH-T)


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Jr. Jay Carter: 3167. The CarterCopter Heliplane Transport (CCH-T). 2001.



The technology being flown on the CarterCopter (CC) Technology Demonstrator (CCTD) since September 1998 shows great promise for the design of V/STOL, high-speed, and long-range aircraft of all sizes.
A new design concept called the CC Heliplane emerged in early 2000 from the CCTD R&D program. This revolutionary V/STOL aircraft will take off, hover and land like a helicopter. At speeds above 100 MPH, it will convert to a CC high-technology gyroplane by unloading its rotor onto very efficient high-aspect ratio wings and, in the process, slowing its rotor to minimize profile drag and provide flight efficiency comparable to a fixed-wing aircraft of the same gross weight (GW)
The CC Heliplane concept was used to design the CC Heliplane-Transport (CCH-T). The CCH-T is especially impressive for being huge. The 150,000 lb. max GW VTOL aircraft (200,000 lb. max GW in STOL mode) will have a larger cargo compartment and carry a heavier payload than the current C-130J-30 Hercules. The CCH-T is designed to cruise at 450 MPH at 32,500 ft altitude and carry a 45,000 lb. payload for 1,500 miles with a 45-minute fuel reserve. When operating as a STOL aircraft, its range almost triples. There is no new technology involved in the design of the CCH-T except what is currently flying on the CCTD.


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