3244. Weight control at Ulstein Shipyard


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Runar Aasen: 3244. Weight control at Ulstein Shipyard. 2002.



The paper describes the results from a project on weight reporting that was launched by Ulstein Shipyard and BAS engineering and funded by the Norwegian Research Council in 1999 – 2001: To improve the efficiency and value of weight reporting in a shipyard, a survey of all weight relevant information sources on the yard should be worked out. For each information source one should clarify what information is available, when the information is available and how reliable the information is. Information sources can be various 3D tools, key persons in the constructing organization and weight information from external sources, etc. Furthermore one should specify method, format and intervals of transaction of the information from all the sources to on single weight system (Ship Weight), which will execute the total weight control and produce the weight reports (example of a weight report will be supplied). In addition to the technical procedures that were established, some reporting principles were made. The principles were implemented to all involved in the weight reporting. Some examples of the most important would be; how margins should be treated, how to treat wet/dry weights, establishing weight budgets and the principle of 100% weight reporting. Experience from the shipyard after implementing the weight reporting routines will be discussed.


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