3314. Considerations for Performing Weight Reviews and Audits


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Glen Matthews: 3314. Considerations for Performing Weight Reviews and Audits. 2003.



This author has performed many reviews and audits in his 36 years in satellite mass properties engineering. This paper presents a buffet of considerations based on this author?s experience from which the reader can pick and choose to fit his/her particular situation. This buffet is based on peer reviews, subcontract and associate contractor audits, in house program reviews, etc., that this author has performed or participated in. Additionally, these considerations can be used for self-audits to assure the engineer has fully addressed the mass properties discipline activities within his own program.
This paper provides information for constructing a mass properties review/audit agenda. A large buffet of potential review elements/issues is developed. Not all issues are pertinent to every review. The maturity of the program and the hardware type determines the emphasis of the review:
– Study phase prior to ATP, prior to PDR, prior to CDR, hardware phase.
– Complete spacecraft, payload only, major components, etc.


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