3358. Aerospace-to-Marine Technologies: Is There Much To Transfer?


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Ian O. MacConochie: 3358. Aerospace-to-Marine Technologies: Is There Much To Transfer?. 2005.



A brief investigation was made into the apparent transfers of aerospace technologies into the marine industries. When ship cost is ranked as top priority, there is little incentive to use the more expensive aerospace materials such as composites, over steel. However, aluminum superstructure was utilized on the S.S. United States and it was the fastest (large) passenger liner ever built. The merits of lighter weight materials in ship construction center around less draft, higher speed, and greater range. The merits of a lighter ship construction in superstructure, even in cargo ships, is regarded as not fully resolved. Composite handrails in ship’s passageways is mentioned as a possible use of aerospace materials because of its durability and greater resilience.


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