3447. Developmental and Operational Considerations of The Boeing 747 Dreamlifter


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Ryan Kwaterski: 3447. Developmental and Operational Considerations of The Boeing 747 Dreamlifter. 2008.



The 747 Dreamlifter is a modified 747-400B passenger airplane that is simultaneously similar and largely different when compared to airplane it was created from. Large portions of the fuselage structure have been replaced and expanded to allow the Dreamlifter to carry Boeing 787 Dreamliner sections from around the world to Everett, Washington for final assembly. Along with the drastic fuselage modifications, the Dreamlifter has an 18,000 pound aluminum aft pressure bulkhead, a swing tail to allow loading of full size 787 parts and a special main deck cargo restraint system that only accepts unique payload support devices. These devices are referred to as Shipping Mechanical Equipment (SME) and were created solely to carry 787 parts onboard the Dreamlifter. In addition to the unique physical attributes of the airplane and the SMEs, some very special ground support equipment has also been designed for loading and unloading payload along with opening and closing the swing tail.
Due to the unique aspects of the 747 Dreamlifter, special care and thought was required to develop procedures and manuals that offer operational flexibility and requirements for safe operation. This involved such items as a streamlined loading schedule, item specific loadable regions on the main deck and significant mass properties analysis.
Development and Operational Considerations of the Boeing 747 Dreamlifter will touch almost every aspect of the Dreamlifter program from developmental and mass properties analysis to operational concerns and the airplane’s main mission to deliver full-size 787 components to final assembly.


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