3498. Introduction of Mass Management Software – Our experiences


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Claudia Rosenberger: 3498. Introduction of Mass Management Software – Our experiences. 2010.



From the design to the in-service phase of products, managing mass properties is a running
challenge. High technology products are becoming more and more complex, so time and
resources necessary for a proper handling of mass properties are increasing considerably.
Standard software products like MS Excel are meeting the limits of its capacities facing this
In August 2009, EADS Germany decided to introduce the mass management system M3 of
usb GmbH for all military projects like Tornado, Eurofighter and all future projects.
This paper is written in cooperation of usb and EADS and will report our common
experiences during the introduction of this software. The main points are:
What are the reasons for EADS to choose M3?
What are the main improvements compared to previous situation?
What are the main steps and milestones during the introduction?
These questions are answered in detail by this paper, describing the features of M3 and how
these features support EADS Mass Properties department to make its work easier and more
effective. Different projects in different production phases from early design up to in service
phase are managed by M3. The paper shows, how these different requirements and algorithms
are handled by the software.
At the moment M3 replaces former software tools and is used as a standalone system.
However, it is planned to apply its full capabilities as an open system to integrate other
applications into the mass management processes. Therefore, data exchange with CATIA and
the PLM System will be installed in the next steps. Automation of workflow avoids manual
data entry, increases productivity and ensures quality of work.


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