3693. A Random Method for Picking Module Stowage Solutions for Barges


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Robert Hundl: 3693. A Random Method for Picking Module Stowage Solutions for Barges. 2017.



In the Oil & Gas Construction Industry, many onshore projects are using modular construction. This type of construction requires that the modules be transported from the fabrication yard to the project site. The fabrication yard may be distant from the project site, thus requiring ocean transportation. Modules can come in many different sizes, shapes, and weights. Some very large modules require a dedicated barge. However, frequently multiple modules can be placed upon a single barge. Determining module groups for barges can be difficult and time consuming. Figure 1 shows several different types of modules on barges.Determining the type of barge to use, the number needed, and the length of service time can be a daunting logistical task. Costs involved with securing barges and engineering services from barge companies are in the millions of dollars. To complicate matters, barges typically require long lead times. Determining what type of barge or the appropriate ‘mix’ of barges to use can help reduce the cost of the project.This paper will demonstrate a method to easily solve for a group solution through the use of a random number generator and grading the resultant solutions. This method can easily be applied to other types of problems and industries when it is necessary to pick groups to solve the problem.


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