3726. Toolchain Integration For Space Habitat Design


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Maxwell DeVoe, Ariel Tokarz, Samuel Park: 3726. Toolchain Integration For Space Habitat Design. 2019.



Space habitat design is an iterative process that requires multiple revisions before a final product can be ascertained. Completing a project can prove cumbersome and time consuming, thus straining an organization’s resources. To counteract this issue, there was a desire to automate steps within the design process to improve the efficacy of the iterative aspect while also decreasing time spent developing designs. This paper will detail the main processes that were automated within the NASA LaRC Vehicle Analysis Branch environment. Examine is a custom Microsoft Excel-based spreadsheet that was used to consolidate parameter calculations within an encapsulated environment. IDEA is a model based systems engineering software that enables fast and efficient modifications to a CAD model, allowing for greater flexibility in the design process. To improve efficiency, the two design tools were linked to ensure fast and user-friendly data flow between them. The tools are controlled within a SysML application, consolidating the linkage into one interface for the user. This paper will detail the process of linking the tools together as well as the processes being executed within the individual tools themselves.


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