3330. Weight Optimization Of Filament-Wound Pressure Vessels


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Dr. Myles L. Baker: 3330. Weight Optimization Of Filament-Wound Pressure Vessels. 2004.



A software suite tailored to the analysis and optimization of filament wound composite pressure vessels has been developed. The software has been applied with success to simple pressure vessels, as well as to solid rocket motor cases. The optimization process employed is a mixed low-fidelity/high-fidelity approach, in which the basic pressure vessel geometry and winding angles are determined using a low fidelity model based on laminate theory. These results are then used as a starting point for a high fidelity optimization where the details of the winding schedule are tailored to provide the lightest possible bottle. The high fidelity component of the optimization is performed using a detailed winding simulation (COBSTRAN) and a composite progressive failure analysis (GENOA). The software is very easy to use, and provides a useful tool for pressure vessel design.


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